Green Tiger Digital-300 Motorcycle Specification

Green Tiger Digital-300 Motorcycle Specification

Bike Type:
Average Mileage:
Top Speed:

Bike Specification

Bike type and Body

Bike Model: Green Tiger Digital-300
Bike Type: Electric
Colors: Red, Black
Rim Merterial: Alloy
Headlight: 35/35W
Tyre size Rear 3.00-16
Tyre size Front: 3.00-16
Brake Type (Front): Drum
Brake Type (Rear): Drum
Max Loading capacity: 2 persons + cargo (150kg)
Weight: 85Kg

Motor & Battery

Start Type: Electric
Motor Type: Brushless DC
Battery: Maintenance Free Lead Acid Battery
Charging time: 3-4 Hours
Battery life: 550 – 600 Charging cycles
Range: 70km – 75km

Green Tiger Digital-300 Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh

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