November 29, 2020

Honda CB150R StreetFire Motorcycle Review

Honda CB150R StreetFire Motorcycle Specification

Honda CB150R StreetFire Motorcycle Review:

Honda CB150R StreetFire came in as a naked version of 150R. Rather than sporty gesture Honda selected to be street lover on this bike. It has been evaluated for the continental market as the continental bikers have always loved Honda’s unique sense of classic production. Hence, the market attracts Honda CB 150R Street fire.
A perfect transport for city travelling along with sporty features. It also serves effectively for you and your motorcycling.
Same in all the aspects with its sibling it holds an engine of 150 cc and liquid cooling system. That helps in high speed to keep the commuter stable.
CB150R StreetFire gets powered by a 150 cc engine along with all the features that CB150R holds. The power output it provides can rise up to 17.5 BHP at the RPM of 10500 and the torque provides you maximum 12.5Nm at the RPM of 8500. The liquid cooling system enhances engine’s capability at the highest of the speeds by providing a lot more stabilization.
The speed transmission has six steps to go through. All of them having enough ratio assembling to provide wonderful transmission boost. On city roads, you can ride like a king with it. The brakes work for street fire works better with disc compositions, both at the front and the rear. It ensures a vast quality in the control segment. The ignition is fully transistorized. It has got a compression ratio of 11.3: 1. The bore and stroke ratio measures 57.3 and 57.8 respectively. The clutch is wet multi plate as well serving the best facilities of modern machines.

It has braced a suspension system with telescopic forks at the front and single swing arm at the rear. No wonder the system gets us introduced to pro link suspension system.
The style it holds is outstanding in every aspects. Honda has a reputation of serving both in outlook and performance with great passion. Street fire isn’t any exception in that. With a brilliant appearance it provides four kinds of shades. Black, KTM-ish Orange, White and Honda Tri color scheme are the looks that the rider gets to select for Street fire.
Street fire holds a body weight measuring 136 kg’s in dried state. The dimensions are 2019mm X 719 mm X 1039 mm and got the ground clearance of 169mm.
The rest of the gestures awaits with top attraction too. The style elements used for Honda Street fire includes an exemplary visor along with a combined headlamp. The graphics constitutes a trendy appeal for the admirers. With a base color of red the decals can be found in grey and white and grey. The black version comes with the taste of subtleness holding white assembly. The sporty look gets aroused by the reddish alloy wheels.
It also holds speciality in control and handling. The seating geometry includes a refined handle foot peg for the utmost relax and control. The handlebar gets nonetheless. With these features in the comfort and control it gets quite unbeatable compared to its competitors.

Honda CB150R StreetFire Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh

Honda CB150R StreetFire Motorcycle Specification



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