Inside a motorcycle engine

Inside a motorcycle engine

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Almost every motorcycle in Bangladesh has a single cylinder engine. According to BRTA(Bangladesh Road Transport Authority) report March 2018 total number of motorcycle is 21 lac 45 thousand 659 or you can say 2.1 Million. Also published a article on 25 July 2019 by Light Castle Partners regarding the increase of the number of motorcycle. They wrote that compare to 2010 just in Dhaka motorcycle has increased almost double which in number is 4 lac 69 thousand 888. And every single motorcycle run on single cylinder engine. Today our topic is single cylinder engine. And whats inside a single cylinder engine?

Don’t you want to know what’s inside a single cylinder engine? Then lets get started.

Whats inside a single cylinder engine?
Single cylinder engine is made of 2 omponents. Those are

  • Iron
  • Aluminum

Iron and aluminum are the two materials used for the blocks that hold the cylinders. Most engines have cylinder liners made of cast iron.

  • Air Cleaner: a device that filters the air which mix with the fuel in the engine.
  • Armature: A moving part of an electrical machine in which a voltage is induced by a magnetic field.
  • Cam Shaft: A shaft to which a cam is fastened which rotate to rise and lower the valves.
  • Carburetor: It mixes air and fuel in a proper ration for combustion.
  • Combustion Chamber: In this chamber the mixed fuel is burned.
  • Connecting Rod: A rod that connects piston to crankshaft.
  • Crank Case: Its like a box where crankshaft and other parts operats.
  • Crank Shaft: A crankshaft is a rotating shaft which converts reciprocating motion of the pistons into rotational motion.
  • Cylinder: Cylinder is the space in which a piston travels.
  • Cylinder Block: An cylinder block(engine block) is the structure which contains the cylinders, and other parts, of an internal combustion engine.
  • Cylinder Head: The cylinder head sits above the cylinders on top of the cylinder block. It closes in the top of the cylinder, forming the combustion chamber.
  • Exhaust Valve: An exhaust valve is a valve that releases burned gases from a cylinder. The exhaust valve closes during the initial part of the induction stroke.
Inside a motorcycle engine
Inside a single cylinder engine
  • Fuel Tank: The device that contains the fuel to be burned in the engine.
  • Flywheel: Flywheel is a rotating device that is used to store the rotational energy,it has moment of inertia and thus resist changes in rotational speed.
  • Flywheel Key: A device that holds the flywheel in place.
  • Intake Valve: An intake valve is a valve that controls the amount of working fluid entering the cylinder of an engine.
  • Oil Filter Plug: The device that closes the opening where the crankcase is filled with oil.
  • Piston: A cylindrical object which is closed at one end that is connected to crankshaft by the connection rod.
  • Piston Head: The part of the piston avobe the rings.
  • Piston Rings: A piston ring is a metallic split ring that is attached to the outer diameter of a piston in an internal combustion engine or steam engine.
  • Spark Plug: The spark plug has two primary functions: To ignite the air/fuel mixture. Electrical energy is transmitted through the spark plug, jumping the gap in the plugs firing end if the voltage supplied to the plug is high enough.

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