TVS Stryker 125 Review

TVS Stryker 125 Review

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TVS Stryker 125 Review:

Bikers are yet to get a new experience as TVS Motors brings TVS Stryker 125 motorbike in market. It’s a standard bike made for standard riders. With magnificent color editions of red and blue, it’s going to appear in the next year. It’s going to be 117kgs in weight. The whole dimension will be 2013 mm in length, 752 mm in width and 1085 mm in height.

It holds a marvelous engine of 125 cc with a single cylinder. The engine is air cooled with spark ignition. And of course, the stroke is 4. Stryker’s engine can hit up to 11 bhp at the RPM of 8000. Its torque will rise toward 10.8 Nm at the RPM to 5500. It will race with the wind as the top speed reaches 100 Km per hour. It can run maximum 65 km with one liter of fuel. As you can see, the mileage holds a good economic value as well as the engine’s power. Stryker holds bore x stroke measuring 57.0 multiplied by 48.8. The carburetor is UCAL UCD 25 with a compression ratio of 9.4: 1.0. You can start this beautiful machine both by kick and electric system as the ignition type is DC – Digital TCI.

The oil grade Stryker holds is a 20W50. With four gears it provides a standard riding experience to the bikers. It has a comfortable clutch grip which makes the handling easier for the rider. The clutch is wet type and enriched with multi plate. With these features remaining in the engines, Stryker gets quite powerful in the engine segment. In the body segment, Stryker has the wheel base measuring 1273 mm. It makes the riding sportier as well as comfortable. The ground clearance is 173 mm. It’s an economic height and makes it easy to move around in urban and suburban areas. The curb weight is 117kgs.

The suspension system it holds is quite comfortable for the standard riders. At the front it holds a telescopic suspension system. And the rear suspension toggle linked with hydraulic damper.

TVS Stryker 125 has a braking system perfectly matched with the body gesture. The front brake is a disc and the rear is drum. It’s perfect for the standard riders to ride on with safety.

Both the wheels at front and rear is made with alloy. That provides more durability and confidence to the bike. The front tyre is 2.75*17 and the rear one is 90*17. This soothing dimension of the tyres makes it quite easy to control the bike. After body comes the electrical features. It holds a lead acid type battery of 12V and 5Ah. The large battery hold makes it more affordable for the bikers. It has a headlamp of 12V and the power measure is 35W *1. The LED tail light provides more transparency in the roads. There is turn lamp lighted with 12V and 1.7W* 1 capability. And of course, you can’t miss the digital meter, which adds an extra value indeed. In total, TVS Stryker 125 is the perfect choice for you, if you have taste for standard level rides. All the features are economical and affordable along with the price too. Let’s ride on!

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