August 11, 2020

TVS Wego 110 Scooter review

TVS Wego 110 Scooter Specification

TVS Wego 110 Scooter review:

TVS is that the known brand of the Republic of Bangladesh. The bikes of TVS better-known as now. Users of TVS brand, increase day by day. Among the all product TVS Wego 110 is one. This bike kind is a scooter and begins self. Engine Displacement (cc) 109.7.Fuel kind hydrocarbon. Fuel tank capability (liters) five. Gearbox kind automatic. Brake kind Drum. Wheel kind alloy. That’s the key feature of TVS Wego 110.

Others key factors are:

    ✔ smart mechanics
    <✔ Less Air Fuel magnitude relation
    ✔ High potency
    ✔ Warranty
    ✔ straightforward convenience of Spare elements

The review of users regarding TVS Wego 110 is nearly smart. This scooter is that the scooter of the year some client reviewed this different wise the distance of this scoty is best some says. Some users define it good-looking,alloy wheel,external fuel filling,good control, good initial acceleration (better than activa, duro, ray), durable it’s a smart vehicle and distance are deadly smart. Some client or users say, To frank, they are happy with the overall performance, they are passionate about it is obtaining a median of 55Km/L. Before one St service. Driven 400km. Good comfort, even in dangerous roads. No purpose in body equalization technology,it’s a bit like traditional scooters. It’s a decent entertainer. New options,improved the Wego performance. New digital meter, hand brake,

mobile charging port etc. Its giving smart distance on economy riding. Smart is riding expertise on roads. Body balance feature is extremely smart. Loved it considerably. Some users give some negative review as like. The drawback is service centers. Authorized service centres aren’t doing any issue with the correct approach. They are not caring the vehicle. Mileage 48-52 km. Since it’s most free service the Authorized service center folks have not taken care of the fine calibration of the vehicle. They merely clean the vehicle by the compressor and turn over. No water wash additionally. Some say when some surviving they stopped giving at the TVS service center. Throughout fact, mechanic buys each 2500 click they do car care and repair. One user provides review that. When victimization, it for 3 days he 1st had the beginning drawback and slowly it worsened am passionate about it stopped once he applies explosive break. And it’ll not now begin to. Worsen additional, it stopped once he bogged down before speed-breaker and did not begin in five minutes. He had to face an excessive amount of horns within the middle of significant traffic . Others say In 24 months the SMF factory fitted battery went bad, so had to replace with Distilled water battery as suggested by the service center. Plus ,this battery is bigger than the SMF and had to buy-an extra battery holder for this. The battery was Arm co with 12 minutes warranty costed me 1100/.Over all thing is this is mixed review that we got about the scooty. Many customers experience is many types.I think the good ones is larger than the worst.

TVS Wego 110 Scooter Specification

TVS Wego 110 Scooter Price in Bangladesh

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