July 26, 2021

Yamaha Enticer Motorcycle Review

Yamaha Enticer Motorcycle Specification

Yamaha Enticer Motorcycle Review:

Yamaha Enticer, brought by Yamaha Motor, is the name of ultimate style and comfort. It’s a cruise bike with dashing features and economic service.
The handle bar has a nice positioning with a low lying seating gesture. Enticer used to grab a lot of attention from the bikers for its relaxing cruiser outlook. The front end of the bike holds some extraordinary gears that enhances the significance. The rear tyre measures 120/80 which is pretty fat indeed.
Enticer has three brilliant shades which are classy enough for the cruise riders. They are: Maroon, Black and Beige. Among them maroon is the most popular one.

Enticer is powered by a 123.7 cc engine with four stroke and air cooling system. With the single cylinder, Its providing a power output up to 11 bhp at the RPM of 8000 and a maximum torque of 10.4 Nm at 6500 RPM. It’s not powerful enough to satisfy a cruiser lover. The ignition system it holds is CDI. The engine is equipped with YBX and gains maximum power output at the RPM of 8000. It also indicates to the sporty behavior rather than its cruising instinct. It holds a 4 step gear transmission and likes to be a little revved. You’ll find it a little slow in raising maximum power output. The maximum speed it shows on the speedometer is 110 Kph. Enticer can climb up to 0- 60 kph in 8 seconds. It has got a compression ratio of 10: 1. The bore and stroke measures 54 mm. You’ll get an NGK spark plug with the oil grade of 20W40 type SF.

Enticer provides a relaxing suspension system which protects the rider from unwanted bumping. As a result, the speed breakers and potholes get smoother to ride on. You may face some difficulties in taking corners at high speed. The handle bars make it difficult to turn hard. But you won’t feel any vibration at any speed level. That’s a great success for Yamaha Enticer.

It may look heavy but the kerb weight is only 125 kg. The light weight makes it worthy to travel on city roads. The rear brake equipped in Enticer, turns out to be drum brakes. It brings a little frustration for the cruise riders. The front brake has a nice measurement of 240 mm and of course, its disc type. The rear brake is 130 mm.
Enticer got the dimensions of 1995 mm X 670 mm X 1125 mm. The ground clearance is 140 mm. It’s not much compared to other sports or cruise bikes, but still suspensions will offer you bump less journey through rough roads.
Say bravo to the soft suspension. The front suspension has got telescopic forks and the rear one has got adjustable shock absorbers with swingarm.

But, with all the odds, the reason one should choose Enticer, should be the mileage and price. It renders a constant mileage of 45 kpI in city roads and 40 kpI in highways. The best mileage tested, is 54 KpI and the worst is 38 KpI.

Yamaha Enticer Motorcycle Specification

Yamaha Enticer Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh



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