Yamaha FZ150i Motorcycle Specification

Yamaha FZ150i Motorcycle Review

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Yamaha FZ150i Motorcycle Review:

Yamaha brought an exclusive street bike named Yamaha FZ150i with ultimate performing capability in the roads. This new champ appeared in market in 2014. Since then, it has attracted bikers to ride on. FZ150i has been recognized by the name ‘naked street bike’.
The bike is sized aptly and far sportier than the version that came in 2008. You’ll get an angular headlight instead of a round one, which make it more stylish. A sharp tail light and smooth bodywork made it dashing in outlook. The fuel tank covers half of the body and brings an aerodynamic look. Anybody will notice this sporty appearance at the first glance.
There’s some new attractive features are added to the console. Firstly, the double meter layout has been changed with a single rev meter and a digital speedometer. FZ150i appears in three shades: black, red and white. As combined with smooth and aggressive graphics, the bike appears symbolizing total youthfulness.
The wheels are made of cast and gains more width in the rear tyre (120/70 R17).
When the speed is up, you’ll feel the breeze likewise as the riding position provides an extra comfort. Rider gains a swinging leg over grip and rides with confidence. The height of the handlebar is in a perfect state along with position of the foot pegs. So, the rider gets full control. The saddle too, remains in a wonderful equation to support the sport.
FZ150i is powered by a 149 cc engine with 4 stroke. Bore and stroke remains the same (57 X 58.7 mm). You can gain 16.36 bhp at the RPM of 8500 and 14.5 Nm torque at the RPM of 7500. Obviously, the power raise is higher than the last version. It won’t show you much but let it dance in the roads, you will feel the rest.

This bike offers some economic facts, which will of course be your desiring features. The fuel injection system is combined with ECU, doesn’t let any fuel to waste. So, you can easily throttle up your bike up to 10,000 rpm in god speed. The fuel tank has the capability of holding 12 liters of fuel. You don’t have to worry about it till you travel more than 300 kilometers. At the highest speed you’ll find it total stable with lesser vibration in the handle bar and foot pegs.
No matter how many corners you face in the road, this slim profiled bike can offer you a tensionless ride. The wider rear tyre helps you a lot in this aspect. The rear brake is disc type and the front one gets a little hazy sometimes.
The five speed gearbox comes with a wet clutch. FZ150i weighs 117kgs (dry). The front suspension you get is a telescopic one and the rear is a double sided Swingarm. The seat height is 790 mm with a wheelbase of 1296 mm.
As per the puny bike turns out potential enough, you can ride on it in both city and highway. Trusting Yamaha FZ15i for a long ride won’t make you to repent, that’s for sure. Happy riding!

Yamaha FZ150i Motorcycle Specification

Yamaha FZ150i Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh



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